Cast & Crew

Sweet collaboration with these talented sisters makes this production not only a work of art but a work of heart.

Jill Wyckoff

Jill is an author, artist, apostle, and abolitionist with a passion to use her creative expressions; painting, writing, spoken word poetry, etc, to empower people to walk in the fullness of all they were created to be. She is also passionate about doing her part to end human trafficking. To this end, she donates a portion of all proceeds to the 1MillionMighty Campaign to support the efforts of those on the front lines. The Once Upon a Backpack EXPERIENCE is her debut as a playwright, director and producer.

Michelle Barsana

Michelle is a singer, songwriter, music teacher, worship leader, and the author of the supernatural thriller, The Hunted. Michelle worked countless hours creating, not only the music score for this production, but all the subtle background sounds that round out the dialogue and bring it to life--transforming words and color into notes and melodies. Top that off with her dramatic voice as THE GIRL and you've got a multi-dimensional, multi-talented super star of the highest caliber!

Gena Gauthier

Gena Gauthier is a writer, a deep thinker and a lover of words. Her delight is to use those words to encourage others, make them laugh and to help them understand the love of God more. Because her brain works in a certain way, she troubleshoots problems for a living as what she calls a fake IT person in the business and software development department for a commercial electrical contractor. Given a few minutes to think it through, she can usually make things function or at least find out how to to get someone else to do so. She is honored to be a part of pushing buttons to help in sharing the beauty of Once Upon a Backpack.