These gifted and talented artists take this production to a whole other level.

Rebecca Friedlander

Rebecca uses the creative arts of music, pottery, and film to talk about God's transforming love.  

Her TV shows and films air worldwide, and she has shared the potter's wheel message for over 15 years.

Darren Oei

Darren is a dancer, minister, and artist who believes dance captures the art of storytelling in a way that speaks directly to the soul. He started dance late in life and was surprised by the opportunities that have come his way and how he's managed to pick things up so quickly. He believes there is really no reason he should be able to move as he does, except to embody the Gospel. His hope is to tell the story of God through movement and to communicate narratives that speak to what it means to be not only human, but created in the image of God. 

Rhonda Barber

Rhonda is a mom, dream influencer and writer. She has a passion for writing, directing and producing screenplays and short films. Her purpose is to ignite dreams and provoke purpose. She enjoys helping others realize the intensely rich life God intended for them and challenge them to live it!

Karlee Garcia

Karlee Garcia is a recent graduate of the University of California, San Diego. She has been dancing for 13 years, and in that time has performed in many company productions. One of her favorite dance roles was with Muir Musical at UCSD in their 2017 production of Spring Awakening. She has also done several performances with Flood Church’s dance ministry and is blessed to have the opportunity to use her gifts to share God’s message.