We journeyed through life under the weight of our backpack, but no more!  We offloaded those lies and moved forward, fully embracing the truth of who we are and stepping into Love. We are beautiful. We are powerful. We are so much more than we thought before! 

What People Are Saying...

Many people have been impacted by the book, Once Upon A Backpack, and many more will be impacted by The EXPERIENCE. If you have been inspired by either the book or the production, please write and let us know. We'd love to hear your story!

"This book will take the shattered soul and bathe it in comforting hope. Sometimes life appears to be so frail until frailty meets its match. Gently peeling back the layers of numbness this story whispers hope back to the hearts who have longed for a different version of their destiny. Beautiful living isn’t just for those with a  charmed life. It's for those who find their courage in the midst of pain. As you are taken on the journey behind the facade, you will experience your own heart waking up once again to something more, and even possibly remember who you’ve been the whole time."


Craig Muster, Senior Director

Awakening International


“This is a story for anyone ‘over’ living on the surface; those ready for true healing that runs alongside authenticity and vulnerability. We all deal with our own brand self-judgment and the brutality of living in a world that dishes out devastating circumstances on a daily basis. But, how do we cope?  How can we protect ourselves and remain vulnerable at the same time?


Jill doesn’t offer simple solutions but a peek into her own healing journey. She lends hope and bread crumbs towards her discovery of self-acceptance through the most unexpected, supernatural relationship.


A masterpiece of vulnerability with striking dashes of poetry to stir the pot. I say, ‘Bravo, Maestro!’”


Julia Shalom Jordan, author of

Breaking Free From Demonic Forces


“Once Upon A Backpack is an unexpected multi-dimensional adventure-ride filled with hope, soul-ache, and promises fulfilled. Yes, life can be this innocent. This real. This agonizing. This good.  Jill Wyckoff’s poetic style is simply beautiful, as is the story.”


Manna Ko, PhD, EdD candidate, CEO/Founder of

Manna For Life®, Author of Made For More™ series,

Sophie and Solo’s Fun Adventures™,

International Speaker and Trainer

"Through poetry and narrative, a life's story is told, one that can relate to many of us as it illuminates through a variety of mediums just how the challenges of life become deeply imbedded in the human psyche. Even more, the journey embarks on hope as it turns towards an exchange of false identities and their wounds for wholeness.”


Patrick Zaccaria, Founder and President

of Thousand Rainbows Ministries



“A modern-day tale of Sleeping Beauty, “Once Upon a Backpack” takes you on a deeply personal and inspiring journey that your heart will love. Hope and beauty pour from its pages, inviting the reader into a new perspective of their own story.”


Rebecca Friedlander, speaker and author of

“Finding Beautiful: Discovering Authentic

Beauty around the World.”


“Once Upon a Backpack by Jill Elizabeth Wyckoff brilliantly takes the reader on a self-help journey using story-telling, prose, and poetry. This unique book cleverly provides a road map to actualize potential and destiny by depicting experiences and impressions of a girl.  Her life path travels from family interaction, starting school, bullying, peer pressure, self-loathing, rape, marriage troubles, interaction with drug addiction, and other forms of endless pain. The vivid language helps you empathize, cringe, and relate to earth-shattering insurmountable challenges. A life turn begins our heroines step-by-step precise process of renewal and restoration. Jill invites the reader to join in the backpack experience and reconnect to personal dreams. What is in your backpack? She provides true evidence and hope of how to handle life’s baggage. Join the opportunity!”


Dr. Linda Gonzales, CEO

New Directions for Academic Advancement




“With a heart for creativity and a desire to pull down Heavenly books, Jill Wyckoff has created a beautiful fairytale-ish story that is both profound and simple at the same time. The message of freedom is a core value that Jill brings out beautifully in this story.


I would highly recommend Once Upon A Backpack to anyone who needs to offload any pain, sorrow or lies you are carrying around in your soul backpack. It will give you hope with a purpose and will help you to finally come into your own personal destiny.”


Sherry Ward, CEO

Square Tree Publishing