The Once Upon a Backpack EXPERIENCE is a multimedia theatrical experience that encounters the audience through a candid, often shocking, but all too relatable real-life story that intersects with their own story on a deep level. For people of all backgrounds and beliefs, it is a hard hitting, gut wrenching inspirational adventure—a feast for the senses—that compels the audience through storytelling, spoken word poetry, visual and performing arts, wrapped up in an original music score that takes them from tears to cheers.


Adapted from the book, ONCE UPON A BACKPACK by Jill Elizabeth Wyckoff, The EXPERIENCE  takes the audience on a journey, addressing sensitive subjects and the consequences of our actions, continuing on to the discovery of truth that brings healing, restoration, and freedom. It prompts the audience to ask the question, “Am I the sum of the lies that I’ve carried around in my proverbial backpack, or am I designed and destined for something more?” This must experience production will compel young and old alike to open up their backpacks and look inside at the lies they’ve been believing about themselves, uncover the truth, re-write their story, and step into freedom.

This pop-up production can be performed at nearly any venue, however, due to mature subject matter, it is recommended for age 13 and older.

We're preparing to launch The EXPERIENCE. There's a lot to do before we can launch, but we're working hard to bring you this powerful theatrical experience. Until then, please join our community so we can send you updates and share our progress along with blogs and behind the scenes fun!